My struggles with anxiety led me to believe that life was hopeless, but after each session in the Harmonic Egg, I would leave feeling more and more at peace with the path I was on. My sessions allowed me to feel again, which in turn created enough mental space for me to be able to explore why I was so anxious. I had forgotten what it felt like to have a regulated nervous system, but knowing that there was a way towards relief made me want to keep trying.
– Jenna

As part of my recovery journey and dealing with the surgeries from breast cancer, I found the harmonic egg to be an integral part of my healing. The light and sound therapy were instrumental in my recovery. Kelley is an amazing astrologer with an exceptional interpretation of charts. I highly recommend both!
– Beth

I made my first appointment about 18 months ago. My life was going through big changes and my anxiety was out of control. I view my time in the egg as assisted meditation. Kelley acts as my guide, discussing with me what I want to focus on and helping me with what I am looking to achieve.  It has been very beneficial for me in quieting my mind and helping me feel more at peace when I get back to living life. 

– Laura

I will admit I came to your readings initially as something interesting and fun, but with an open mind. I have been surprised how meaningful and introspective they actually are.
– Will